Big Sister, Little Sister


Hard to believe I know, looking out of the window today, but only last Monday there was some nice bright and warm weather, with even a spot of sunshine thrown in now and again. Lucky then that Clare and I decided on that day for her maternity shoot with big-sister-to-be Isabella.



Clare had been toying with the idea of a maternity shoot but had been in two minds about it for a while. She didn’t have one when pregnant with Isabella and I’m so glad she decided in favour in the end! We threw around some ideas and between us made a shortlist of props we wanted to play with.



Of course you can never be too certain of what particular form your three year old model will be on on the day; in the event Isabella had been keeping Clare up since 5am (I’d love to say it was the excitement about the shoot but…yeah, unicorns) and absolutely refused to wear the carefully planned outfit, which would have given us matching dresses. However, I actually loved the cute playsuit she ended up in!

So, there we were, armed to the teeth with bribes, treats, toys and props, fearing the worst…and it all turned out beautifully! As well as the star of the show, The Bump, I also wanted to show off Clare’s connection with Isabella and the bond the two of them share, not to mention Clare’s glowing gorgeousness and Isabella’s quirky spirit. I can honestly confess to some serious hair envy here! Isabella loves talking to her little sister and hugging and, yes, licking The Bump. (No, I won’t go into that; I just quietly edited out the damp patches.)

Here are a few more of my favourites from the day:




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