Meet Peeky

Peeky, also known as Peeks, Peeky-Pooh or just Pooh, is our youngest at two years old, and she is what’s called a lutino. She is a total sweetheart and wants to be involved in absolutely EVERYTHING. She loves her hoomans very much.


“What have you got in that bowl? Move over, human, I must know!”

“What time is dinner?”

Peeky and the YuYu (and if you’ve never heard of a YuYu you are definitely missing out!)

Peeky chilling with Charlie in the background.

I did a video shoot and Peeky was fascinated by my light stands. I had to practically prise her off them.

“Yes, there is food on my face…and your point is?!”

Peeky loves to cuddle.

Bird Yoga 101 – Ardha Anuvittasana with props 🙂

Did I mention she likes a cuddle?!

And this is what a cheek patch feather looks like really close up, with matches for scale.

“MUUUUUUM, we appear to be out of millet. I have put it on the list for you.”

Our local cycle team, the TFB’s, latest recruit.

Cuddles. There must always be time for cuddles.

Someone famous once said: “A bird’s best accessory is a well-dressed man.” Or something to that effect.

Beauty shot!

“What do you mean, you are trying to work?!”

“Hmmm, this here bag seems to match my cheek patches…”

My latest camera assistant is shaping up nicely!

Ok, so we clash.


Oh, and she really likes a cuddle.

Or two.

“For crying out loud, can’t a girl even have a bath in peace?!”

Yep, more cuddles.

Did I mention, she really likes to get involved?

Ok, more cuddles. I didn’t really want to drink that tea while it was hot anyway.

No, chicken, you wouldn’t be able to reach the pedals.

She has very high standards when it comes to her food. Here, she can be seen exercising quality control over the latest batch of rice and veggie chop. She seems to approve.

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